The application process is very relaxing – like receiving a spa service. You lie down on a plush table and have your eyes closed the entire time. Your technician will glue one synthetic lash extension to one of your natural lashes with medical grade glue. When your natural lash sheds, the extension will fall out with that lash. To maintain a full appearance, it is recommended to get a refill every 2-3 weeks. Your initial full set takes around 2 hours, and refills can be done in as little as 45 minutes.

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New to our Spa!  Eyelash Extensions with Sandy the Stylist  

Have you ever wanted to look like this when you wake up in the morning?  Now you can.  Lashes you wish you were born with, 24 hrs a day.  As we age our lashes get thin and sparse or we just never had long beautiful eyelashes.

These are safe and applied by a certified technician.  We are offering an introductory price for a limited time.   Prices

Why Get Sugared?

Less redness 

Less ingrown hairs

Less regrowth